Help Me Change Bulb, Ceiling Light and Others
Help Me change my bulb or ceiling light
If you are worried of heights and fear of falling down and you want change bulb or lighting at a higher area. This service is helpful to old folks living alone/couples from age 50 onwards or ladies who live alone in apartment or flat and do not want to put him/herself at risk of falling. We can help you to change on weekdays evening (6-9pm).
Rates in Singapore Only.(Within 4m ceiling height). +$10 for Tuas/Sentosa
Services(Labour+Transport Charges) For 1 Qty Only For 2 or more
Change LED E27 Bulb $10 $8/Pc
Change Ceiling LED Panel Light $15 $12/Pc
Change Wall Fan $25 $20/Pc
Change Kitchen/Bathroom Tap $15 $12/Pc
Products(Material) For 1 Qty Only For 2 or more
LED E27 Bulb 9W $6 $5/Pc
LED E27 Bulb 12W $8 $7/Pc
LED E27 Bulb 15W $9 $8/Pc
UltraBright Ceiling LED Light 11W for Bathroom/Storeroom $22 $20/Pc
UltraBright Ceiling LED Light 16W for Bedroom/Kitchen $28 $25/Pc
UltraBright Ceiling LED Light 21W for Bathroom/Kitchen/Living $38 $33/Pc
UltraBright Ceiling LED Light 31W for Kitchen/Living $45 $38/Pc
Mitsubishi Wall Fan 16 inch (60W) $128 $118/Pc
KDK Wall Fan 16 inch (60W) $148 $128/Pc
Tap for Kitchen $18 $16/Pc
Tap for Bathroom $12 $10/Pc
Rates Example
Example in Description Services Charges Product Charges
Change an E27 bulb(provided by owner) in Hougang for a HDB Flat. Total:$10 $10 $0
Change an E27 12W bulb(provided by HelpMeCheck) in Hougang for a HDB Flat. Total:$18 $10 $8
Change an E27 bulb(provided by HelpMeCheck) in Punggol for a Condo Ceiling at 3.6m. Total:$18 $10 $8
Change a Ceiling Light 16W(provided by HelpMeCheck) in Yishun for a HDB Flat. Total:$43 $15 $28
Change 2 x E27 bulb(provided by HelpMeCheck) in Tampines for a HDB Flat. Total:$30 $16 $14
Change 2 x E27 bulb(provided by HelpMeCheck) in Sentosa for a Condo. Total:$40 $26 $14
Change a Bathroom Tap(provided by HelpMeCheck) in Jurong for a HDB Flat. Total:$27 $15 $12
Payment will be cash on delivery for less than $90 in total payment. More than $90 will be Paynow to 9008 8801(Xeesa)
Call/WatsApp/SMS us at 9008-8801 to change for you now!

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