What is QR Info?
It is a free QR code creation for everyone to use it to exchange person information without speaking or talking.

Why use QR Info?
To prevent information leak to people who may mis-use your information to steal things or intrude your privacy.

Example of Fear/Loss due to data leaks
  • Mobile No. Unknown people may SMS or whatsapp you and they are not known to you
  • NRIC/Identity Card No. Unknown people claiming your gifts or given accessories from the goverment(eg; Mask) which you could not claim due to the gift/accessories have been claimed
  • Name. Unknown people may find you in facebook or instagram to track or follow you
  • Home Address. Unknown people may track you or wait for you near your home
  • Company Name. Unknown people may come to your work place and disturb you

  • Solution to avoid this!
    Install QRinfo on your android phone or Web

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