Less Hassles and the cheapest Low Cost Directory Board for Commercial and Residential
  • Available in various sizes ranging from 20 slots onwards to slot in the contact/direction details into the directory board
  • Material Made of High Performance Plastic which is durable and lasting
  • Easier and Cheaper to update by A4 paper printing if dept office moved or person not working anymore
  • Easy to mount onto the wall or glass via heavy duty double-sided tape or hooks

  • How to Buy and Setup
  • Get 1 of the Directory Board size which is suitable for your organization/work needs
  • You can use those heavy duty double-sided tap to stick the board to the wall or glass
  • Download the ods file(similiar to excel xls) and edit the words to your details. Usually the font size is 18 for the words, 16 for the center row
  • Print out and cut to the strips. Fold them by using a ruler to guide it and fold
  • Slowly slot into the square holes at the side of the board

  • Spreadsheet Templates Download to print the directory row inserts

    ODS format best opened in Libre Office and Open Office. Alternatively, you may open in MS Office.
  • Directory Board Narrow Template.ods (For DBP20, DBP30, DBP40, DBP50, DBP60)
  • Directory Board Wide Template.ods (For DBL20, DBL30, DBL40, DBPL50, DBL60)

  • Available Sizes and Specs (You can buy at Xeesa Store, Self Collect at store)
    SpecsWidth in cm Height in cmNo of slotsPriceModel
    21cm28cm20 slotsSGD $5.00DBP20
    21cm39cm30 slotsSGD $7.00DBP30
    30cm28cm20 slotsSGD $6.00DBL20
    30cm39cm30 slotsSGD $8.00DBL30

    Examples/Scenarios with Recommendations
  • You have moved office, but you need to update the current directory board below. Solution Remove the paper entry in the directory board below or outside the old office and add to the new office directory board Recommended
  • You have students or visitors keep asking your staff for direction. Solution Install Directory board at the building lobby Recommended
  • John have left Finance Dept and replace by Jenny. Solution Remove the old John contact entry from the directory board and add Jenny to the directory board Recommended
  • Small Malls or Office Building do not have Directory Board. Solution Buy Directory Board from Recommended

  • You may go to our showroom to view our products before you decide to buy

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