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Around 40% of Singapore population are living alone in 2020. Expected 70% of Population to live alone by 2030!
  • Who are they and Why?
  • Elderly who is left behind by children/passed away spouse. Divorced/Divorcee who choose to live alone after divorce. Singles who choose not to marry and live alone. Permanent residents who stay alone here to work. Just that, all of us are different. Some like to stay alone and being happy as oneself. To be honest speaking, I'm enjoy of being alone too. Freedom is key to happiness sometimes

  • Can I rely on my friends/kin to monitor me when I am old?
  • Answer is YES(temporary due to good friends) and then a NO due to quarrel or any grudges later. Among people relations, there will be frictions and pride in between. Hence who can you rely on? If for free, nobody will help you. If it is paid service which the service provider need to fulfil. They will monitor you as promised as paid. Just like your mobile phone plans. For $3/yr(estimated), it is definitely affordable. You can pay 1-time straight lifetime plan which is just only $199. No friend in the world can help you for 30 yrs or more. If he/she help you. Who will help him/her when you left him/her early? Logic right?

  • How about those non-profit organisation to monitor you?
  • If they have enough manpower, they will maybe pop-by to say hi and deliver some goodies to you door to door for resident. When there isn't. Maybe 10yrs or 20yrs once? Or even no. Hence, there is no free lunch in this world.

  • Who can you get to monitor you when you are living alone?
  • This is the final question. If there is fee, the fee will promise a service with service level agreement. The provider will honour the word to monitor you. Hence, it is better to rely on a service provider than a friend/kin who may think you are making use of him/her. As a phrase, it is good to rely yourself than others. Engage HelpMeCheck to monitor you.

    Actual Tragedies Happened in Real Life
    Can be saved and prevented if detected early. And it is getting more and more cases!
    Feeling Worried about yourself or someone you know who is living alone?
    Better to act now before it is too late and end up being one of the victims here!

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  • Potong Pasir (Jul 2020)
  • Katong Condo (Nov 2020)

  • Objectives for Resident Living Alone Watch and Alerts
  • To watch over Resident/Elderly living alone
  • Fast and early detection on any abnormalies
  • Alerts to Kins/Caregiver/Friend to visit the Resident Living Alone if inactivity occur

  • How it works?
  • Once signed up and payment maid, LAM staff will contact user on the day to install the sensor at a place(example:living/walkway/doorway)
  • Staff will link up the sensor to the network(home WIFI/mobile hotspot)
  • Sensor will link up to HelpMeCheck server system to check daily on the movement records
  • If no movement for the day, system will prompt user then kin via app/SMS to response to at least go near the sensor or acknowledge via app/website that user still around
  • If still no response or movement by the next working day afternoon, LAM staff will do a visit to the user home
  • If still no response,movement or door unanswer during visit, LAM staff will call kin/authorities to open door and check

  • Motion Sensor Placement Dos and Don'ts
  • Place it at the Living Room or Internal Walkway
  • Do not place in the bedroom, kitchen or toilets
  • Do not point the sensor towards moving parts like Dog/Cat/Bird Cages, Fan, Bulb or Lights or any moving object

  • Living Alone Monitoring (LAM) VS Others
    As you can notice the features, technology we used are different from others
    Features HelpMeCheck LAM Others
    Capture no-movement? Yes. Capture 1 day or more for inactivity Less Likely as they only send active notifications.
    Capture movement logs? Yes. Every minute if detected Yes. But not often
    Able to set out of home notice? Yes. It can be set in the login settings as user may gone overseas/relative/kids' house No.
    Need to install apps to login? No. Only webpage access. Any browser can access Yes. Which may failed due to OS version updates
    Notifications of Status Yes. But only via SMS if user is inactive for 1 day or more Yes. Notifications will be sent every a few mins which you might feel disturbed
    Link to shared to Kins to view status? Yes. You can shared status to your children/grandchildren or friends to monitor you. No Limits. No. Only can view in app which needs user to login for them to view
    Can integrate to Senior Care centers to help monitor? Yes. Very simple to integrate as long the users share them the status link. No. Due to application limitation
    Setup cost per user $199 $2000+
    Value Added Services? Change Bulb/Tap, Basic Cleaning which user can use credits on it No
    Ease of Usage Easy and straight forward Need alot of logins and updates if application is outdated in OS
    Final Verdict Cheap, Easy, Flexible & Value Added Service preventing elderly/female users from danger. Costly, difficult and inflexible

    Only 1 Package(For Lifetime) @ S$199
    With the inclusive essential features for most type of elderly users
    Hardware Setup Motion Sensor, Network Linking Up for the elderly user home

    Account Setup & Service Credits Linking up with Helpmecheck account to trace user when user does not walk in the house for a day or two. Consist of 50 credits in account with no expiry date. Can topup at $1 per credit at $50 topup(with 50 credits) in Xeesa Store

    No Activity Web Info to Kin Webpage will show status to Kin. Need Kin to contact user to response by walking near sensor or acknowledge ok.
    This action is free.

    No Activity Response SMS to User SMS will be trigger to user to response. A phone call will be made to the elderly user if no response.
    This action will consume 1 credit from the account.

    No Activity Alerts SMS to Kin To alert kin(s) by SMS if there is still no movement/response after tracing user who have no activity.
    This action will consume 1 credit from the account.

    Emergeny Visits HelpMeCheck staff will visit the elderly user if there is still no response from kin or elderly user.
    This action will consume 10 credits from the account.

    *For anyone who is living alone in Singapore (For Residents of Age 35 onwards)
    **If Susan(scenario describe below) bought this package and she live until 98 if she is active and still response to helpmecheck. It only cost $3 a year to have this service.

    Example/Scenario for people who need it
  • Jayden is a 23 years old young man studying and living alone in overseas. His family is in Singapore not knowing whether Jayden is ok in overseas or not.

  • Susan is a 38 years old lady working and living alone in Singapore. Her relatives are living overseas.

  • Ali is 75 years old retiree living alone in Singapore. His wife passed away. No friends or relatives around.

  • Grandma Lucy is 88 years old retiree living alone in Singapore. Her kids and grandkids are living somewhere else with their busy schedule.

  • Jason is working overseas and very worried on her mum who is 78 years old of age living alone in Singapore.

  • FAQ (Freqently Ask Questions)
  • Question: Is the installation complex or take alot of time?
  • Answer: No. It only take less than 30mins. Create account, link camera sensor to your home/mobile broadband, configure sensor settings, testing.

  • Question: Does it need internet to work?
  • Answer: Yes. We would recommend to use home broadband. Alternatively, you may use your HP tethering which you must turn on 24 hours tethering.

  • Question: What are the included items as indicated in the price? Any other cost?
  • Answer: The price is inclusive of the motion sensor camera, delivery, installation, account linking up to system and panel. If the user have movement and response within 1 day time, less likely to use up the 50 credits.

  • Question: What if I used up my 50 credits, how do I topup?
  • Answer: If you have used up the 50 credits due to HelpMeCheck staff SMS/Call you due to inactivity checks or other services. You may topup $50 for 50 credits via the Xeesa Store.

  • Question: What if i decided not to topup credits, can I still use HelpMeCheck Living Alone Monitoring Service?
  • Answer: Yes. You still can use the service at $199 first payment as it is for your lifetime until you pass away. Your Kin/Friend still can check online on your inactivity. Unless, the sensor spoiled, you need to get it replaced. So you need to topup again to get it replaced.

  • Question: Does it cost a bomb to replace the sensor if sensor faulty?
  • Answer: No, it cost less than $100 or 100 credits with labour. It should at least last 3-5 years or more.

  • Question: Can I share my service and account with others?
  • Answer: No. This is due to his/her friends are not the same as yours.

  • Question: Can I test out? Can I check how does it work?
  • Answer: Yes. There is a sensor mount at our showroom(11 Sin Ming Road B3-09 Unit 7, Thomson V Two). You may stand around the vending machine. The sensor will sense that you are around and update to our helpmecheck database. You can see your movement records updated here(By using a testing account). This is an example link where you will share this link to your close friends, kin or relative to know you are still ok.

    Step 1: Sign Up | Step 2: Make Payment | Step 3: Setup Motion Sensor | Done

    Name(Resident who live alone)
    For contacting purpose ( * Compulsory )

    Contact No
    For contacting purpose. HP/TEL ( * Compulsory )

    Date of Birth
    For verification purpose. Example 01/31/1979 (MM/DD/YYYY) ( * Compulsory )


    Resident Alone Address
    For visiting and monitoring setup purpose

    Alert Contact Person 1
    For alert purpose if something happen. Person Name ( * Compulsory )

    Alert Contact No 1
    For alert purpose if something happen. HP/TEL ( * Compulsory )

    Alert Contact Person 2
    For alert purpose if something happen.

    Alert Contact No 2
    For alert purpose if something happen. HP/TEL

    Package Type
    On how freqent the home visit to be

    Let us know any things you like and don't like so we can avoid

    more characters allowed to type

    Login Password
    For settings purpose to set account by yourself/user

    Re-Enter Login Password
    Re-enter the password again

    Email Address
    For password Reset Purpose

    Code(See left)

    Payment Method(Via PayNow)
  • Amount: $199
  • Model ID: lamsetup

  • Once paynow transfer completed, whatsapp 9759-9095 "Your name + lamsetup199".
    Our staff will attend to you shortly within 3 working days to arrange the date of sensor installation

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