Around 40% of Singapore population are living alone in 2020. Expected 70% of Population to live alone by 2030!
  • Who are they and Why?
  • Elderly who is left behind by children/passed away spouse. Divorced/Divorcee who choose to live alone after divorce. Singles who choose not to marry and live alone. Permanent residents who stay alone here to work. Just that, all of us are different. Some like to stay alone and being happy as oneself. To be honest speaking, I'm enjoy of being alone too. Freedom is key to happiness sometimes

  • Can I rely on my friends/kin to monitor me when I am old?
  • Answer is YES(temporary due to good friends) and then a NO due to quarrel or any grudges later. Among people relations, there will be frictions and pride in between. Hence who can you rely on? If for free, nobody will help you. If it is paid service which the service provider need to fulfil. They will monitor you as promised as paid. Just like your mobile phone plans. For $9/yr, it is definitely affordable. You can pay 1-time straight lifetime blue plan which is just only $270. No friend in the world can help you for 30 yrs or more. If he/she help you. Who will help him/her when you left him/her early? Logic right?

  • How about those non-profit organisation to monitor you?
  • If they have enough manpower, they will maybe pop-by to say hi and deliver some goodies to you door to door for resident. When there isn't. Maybe 10yrs or 20yrs once? Or even no. Hence, there is no free lunch in this world.

  • Who can you get to monitor you when you are living alone?
  • This is the final question. If there is fee, the fee will promise a service with service level agreement. The provider will honour the word to monitor you. Hence, it is better to rely on a service provider than a friend/kin who may think you are making use of him/her. As a phrase, it is good to rely yourself than others. Engage HelpMeCheck to monitor you.

    Objectives for Resident Living Alone Watch and Alerts
  • To watch over Resident/Elderly living alone
  • Fast and early detection on any abnormalies
  • Alerts to Kins/Caregiver/Friend to visit the Resident Living Alone if inactivity occur

  • How it works?
  • Once signed up to it, inspector will visit user according to user's day and timing
  • Inspector will knock the door of the user house
  • If user response with the door opening, inspector will update the system to indicate the visit is successfully responded and will come again the next visit
  • If nobody response, inspector will update the system and message the kin/friend/caregiver the alert
  • If nobody response for 3 consecutive visits, inspector will ask the kin/friend/caregiver to alert the authorities for emergency

  • Actual Tragedies Happened in Real Life(Can be prevented if detect early)

  • Potong Pasir Elderly Died Alone
  • Katong Condo Elderly Died Alone

  • *Packages
    House Visits(8.30am-8.30pm on Weekdays) + Notifications to Kin/Friend if user inactivity
    Package Plans\Price Visit Frequency Service Fees Per Year **1-Time Service Fee for LifeTime
    Blue Plan Once per 2 months $9 Per Year $270 for Lifetime
    Brown Plan Once a Month $18 Per Year $540 for Lifetime
    Green Plan Twice a Month $36 Per Year $1080 for Lifetime
    Red Plan Once a Week $78 Per Year $2349 for Lifetime
    Orange Plan Twice a Week $156 Per Year $4680 for Lifetime
    *For anyone who is living alone in Singapore (For Residents of Age 35 onwards)
    **If Susan(scenario describe below) bought a lifetime house visit package and she live until 98. She will save 30 years of fees compared to yearly paid fees.

    Example/Scenario with Recommendations
  • Susan is a 38 years old lady working and living alone in Singapore. Her relatives are living overseas. Solution : Lifetime Blue Plan-1 visit/2 Months Recommended

  • Ali is 75 years old retiree living alone in Singapore. His wife passed away. No friends or relatives around. Solution : Lifetime Brown Plan-1 visit/Month Recommended

  • Grandma Lucy is 88 years old retiree living alone in Singapore. Her kids and grandkids are living somewhere else with their busy schedule. Solution : Green Plan-2 visits/Month Recommended

  • Jason is working overseas and very worried on her mum who is 78 years old of age living alone in Singapore. Solution : Orange Plan-2 visits/week Recommended

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